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Supalinkz Official Sound System of Camp Cabarita

Supalinkz was founded 2010 years ago as a mobile sound system and DJ for hire.  Playing at:

· Birthday Parties
· Grave Diggings
· Wakes
· Weddings
· Reunions
· Sporting Events

Supalinkz Mobile is quickly becoming the sound heard around the area and the name recognized for its clarity and force.  Proprietor and Rasta, Evon “Buddy” Myrie teams up with DJ Fumes and technician Ran to put on for the party.  DJ Fumes, hailing from Orange Hill, has been apart of Supalinkz since its inception.  Heavily recruited for his diverse taste in music and eclectic samples and smooth righteous beats, DJ Fumes is fast becoming one of the most recognized DJs in Westmoreland.

“The clarity separates us from the competition and the Hifonics brand amplifiers power our 4 18″ in subs, 5 15″ monitors and complete ensemble of mid range and tweeters”.

Supalinkz is the desired sound system by the people of Westmoreland and rapidly expanding as they head to the top.  For more information and details, or bookings, visit Supalinkz Facebook Page.  Supalinkz is the official sound of Camp Cabarita.


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