Camp Cabarita

Jamaica Jungalo – Treetops

The Jamaica Jungalo veranda and great view of the forest landscape.

“rustic paradise”
simple accommodations in the heart of the gorgeous jungle of Jamaica.
Vicki, Milwaukee, WI

Two spacious individual flats are available in the Jamaica Jungalo – The Forest Flat is the ground floor suite. Each suite has 2 double beds, a walk in closet and half bath. There are front and rear covered verandas perfect for morning sun or afternoon shade. The Jungalo Suites perfect for solo eco travelers or couples looking for a private and comfortable accommodation.

Two Open Sky Showers are at your room’s doorstep. These over sized showers are private and provide an extraordinary bathing experience anytime of day or night. Water cascades from a rain drop style shower head.

Covert sensory stimulation abounds as you will enjoy the melodic sounds of the forest fauna and a faint but relaxing sound of the Cabarita River. Compounded by  brilliant views of adjacent tropical forest & mountains.

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