Camp Cabarita

Irie Cottage – Flat

The Irie Cottage Flat is a first story flat with a large 6ft veranda and great view of the forest landscape.

We had a great time in the hills, getting to know all of the people in the village, and feeling a part of the family from the start. The scenery is gorgeous, the people inspiring, talented and knowledgeable and a visit is a great way to throw yourself into the Jamaican country lifestyle. Take the speed of life down a gear and spend the day swimming in the river, conversing and exploring the lush surroundings and the evening by the popping bamboo bonfires.

Jack Whitefield, United Kingdom

Two private spacious individual flats are available in the Irie Cottage – The Irie Flat is the ground floor is elevated  6 feet from the forest floor. Both levels comfortably accommodate double occupancy with twin sized outfitter cots. When you step outside of your room onto a a private covered veranda you’ll find a sitting area and a comfortable hammock. These spaces are ideal for individuals or couples looking for a private and relaxing experience.

Two Open Sky Showers are at your room’s doorstep. These over sized showers are private and provide an extraordinary bathing experience anytime of day or night. Water cascades from a rain drop style shower head.

Covert sensory stimulation abounds as you will enjoy the melodic sounds of the forest fauna and a faint but relaxing sound of the Cabarita River. Compounded by  brilliant views of adjacent tropical forest & mountains.Because of the private location of Camp Cabarita there are no visible neighbors, buildings, or lights.

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