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The Cabarita River – Crown Jewel of the Best Place to Stay in Jamaica

Occasionally, potential guests wonder what there is to do at Camp Cabarita.  Of course, lots of awesome eco-tourism opportunities can be found nearby… and for hanging out and relaxing, nothing beats the cool, pristine waters of the Cabarita River, only footsteps away from camp.   The river isn’t so much an eco-adventure, as guests don’t need to be guided there—it borders the property and is very private.  But between the seven-foot-deep turquoise-blue swimming hole, the rock bar that’s perfect for sunbathing, and the miles of river to explore through crystal clear ankle- to chest-high water, it’s little wonder that visitors to Camp Cabarita love it.

Check out what this happy guest had to say:

This was our second trip to Jamaica, but after this one I wish we’d stayed at Camp Cabarita the first time too.  It was the perfect escape, and as far as we’re concerned it’s the best place to stay in Jamaica. After we got back from the Ginger Works Cave eco tour—which was amazing!—we wanted to just cool off and relax until dinner.  Another couple that were staying there suggested going to the river since it’s so close to camp.

All I have to say is, wow!  It was so beautiful and relaxing.  The water was clear and cold, just what we needed.  We lounged and splashed around in the shallow water for a while, and when we found the swimming hole we couldn’t help ourselves.  It’s a good thing I had my watch on me, or we might have missed dinner!

When it comes to eco-tourism in Jamaica, travelers have a number of considerations.  Spending endless hours traveling to get to an excursion isn’t a good way to spend your precious vacation time so proximity to eco-attractions and adventures is important.  The beautiful Cabarita River and awesome walking distance eco tours like the Riverhead Eco Hike and Ginger Works Cave are just a few more reasons Camp Cabarita is the best place to stay in Jamaica.

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