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Jamaican Sustainability Topic: How does the Tesla Powerwall Impact Jamaica?

Attention Jamaican Eco Travelers!

What is the Tesla Powerwall and what does it mean for solar energy in Jamaica?

Camp Cabarita is really excited about Tesla’s recently announced Tesla POWERWALL in Jamaica.

Expensive, inefficient and toxic batteries have held back solar and wind energy production.

The POWERWALL can handle the needs of a typical US residence and is rated to last 10 years, includes dc to dc conversion, weighs 47 lbs and costs $390,000 JMD.

The cost of POWERWALL is rumored to plummet when Tesla opens its $3 billion USD Gigafactory currently under construction in Utah.

JPS supports grid tied and net metering in Jamaica, however batteries are required to provide a primary benefit of solar: resiliency from the grid.

The POWERWALL decreases the cost of energy storage and therefore increases the ROI on renewables. Higher electricity rates AND more peak sunlight already increase the ROI for residential scale solar in Jamaica when compared with many parts of the world.

Camp Cabarita has performed a solar site analysis and is planning to implement a variety of photo voltaic and storage strategies which will include multi layered and multi junctioned solar panels.

Click for more information on Camp Cabarita’s philosophy on Sustainability.

Are you aware of any emerging technologies that can change our world?

Jamaica Sustainability Tesla Powerwall
Future Site of Photo Voltaic Array

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