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My Favorite Way to Roll a Joint In Jamaica

In theory there’s no difference rolling a joint in Jamaica from anywhere else in the world. In practice scene and setting make all the difference in the world. With experience comes the knowledge to make the most of the environment.

It should go without saying that you want to get your hands on a decent quantity of the best weed available. Be patient there are excellent strains available; don’t settle for ditch weed (yes it does exist even in Jamaica!)

Taking the time to let the early morning sun add crispness to your daily supply will reward you will the perfectly cured bud and smoke. The optimal basking time will vary based on the sun’s intensity and moisture level of your ganja. Because Jamaican bud tends to be very dense and sticky drying your supply will ensure that it’s easier to roll and smokes evenly and cleanly.

If you’ve found the good good weed, seeds will be far and few in between, but good smoking hygiene is still required. A paring knife on a piece of Jamaican Ironwood is the the default method at Camp Cabarita for a rough chop and scan for large stems and de seeding.

We realize that not everyone will have access to a dedicated spice grinder but it really does the job like no other. The result is light, fluffy and finely processed products that is a pleasure to roll. The precision grind ensure and even smoke and consistent draw.

Whether you using a grinder or doing it the old fashioned way progressively load the ground crystalline goodness into a paper of your choosing. Lion Pride has displaced Rizzla as the rolling paper of choice. Support this Jamaican owned company and their quality papers. – They make a great gifts for your cannabis enthusiast friends back home.

Coating and sealing your freshly rolled spliff with Jamaican honey is another step that some would call superfluous. In my mind it is almost essential, the taste is awesome, it keeps the resting burn undercontrol. The drawback if there is any is the occasion drip of hot honey but that can largely be averted by following the next step!

best-way-to-roll-a-jamaica-joint-09 Another brief sunning gives the honey on your spliff a moment to dry. Light, smoke & repeat!

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