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Jamaica Travel Tip: Modifying a Micro SIM Card to Nano Size

Many travelers have had the unfortunate experience of enormous international roaming fees when using a cell phone abroad. Mobile applications such as WhatsApp, Skype, MajicJack, and Viber give travelers options for communicating over wifi. For a more detailed analysis on mobile applications useful while traveling, check out our blog post[…]

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Jamaica Travel Tip: Best Ways to Call Home for Free

Camp Cabarita has gone through extensive efforts to bring an internet signal to our remote location. Our service often goes many months without any interruption, however from time to time because of weather or other facts our network is susceptible outages.  If internet is absolutely a necessity for you having[…]

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Camp Cabarita Wiki

Camp Cabarita has launched it’s own Wiki. The site is built on WikiMedia, the same powerful and collaborative software used by WikiPedia, and just like Wikipedia registrants can add, modify and improve the content. The initial sections are include: 1 MiViStra: Mission, Vision & Strategy 2 History 3 Uses 4[…]

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