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Remembering Grandmother of Eco Tourism Jamaica

Jamaican Eco Tourism Pioneer and Founder of The Original Mayfield Falls, Sarah Willis passed away Tuesday. Ms. Willis was a strong community leader in the Glenbrook District of Westmoreland. She valued education and supported community and economic development through her own business and a plethora of community organizing activities. “When[…]

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Eco Lodge Sources Local Food

Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge’s sources local food: produce, dairy, eggs and meats comes directly from the local farmers either through the farmers market or our neighbors. We keep by the “farmer to table” concept not only for our own and guest’s benefit and well being, but also to support the[…]

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The search for Nitrogen and Carbon Sources

To revitalize the soil, the biodynamic method involves applying 5 inch layer of completed compost. (See previous blog posting Bio Compost Expert & Systems Education Designer to Consult Camp Cabarita.) Based on the size of Camp Cabarita, we need 20 tons of carbon, e.g. dried plant material, and 10 tons[…]

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Biodynamic Compost Expert & Systems Education Designer to Consult Camp Cabarita

Angela Curtes and Christine Kelley will be performing consulting work at Camp Cabarita March 17 – 24. Camp Cabarita is an eco lodge and retreat in Westmoreland, Jamaica. Ms. Curtes is a specialist in environmental studies, sustainable, non-chemical agriculture production and specifically biodynamic and organic farmland preservation. More recently in[…]

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