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Camp Cabarita Presents at the MREA Fair

We’ve been attending the Midwest Renewable Energy Fair for about 8 years.

Camp Cabarita has integrated many ideas gained from the excellent workshops at this show including:

MREA Workshop “How to Build an Eco Lodge”

– Permaculture Design Principles
– Hugulkultr
– Passive Solar Hot Water
– Kombucha Brewing
– Fermentation & Food Preservation

This is our year to give back, we are presenting a workshop entitled “How to Build An Eco Lodge?”

The workshop is at 4pm on Friday June 16th, 2016.

Course Brief and Description:
Camp Cabarita is a top rated Caribbean Eco Resort and Lodge, but nine years ago it started as 4 acres of invasive species in the rural, mountainous Jamaica countryside.

Camp Cabarita is now a top rated Carribean Eco Resort and Lodge, but is started an 4 acres of of bush.
the property was over grown with invasive bamboo and other non indigenous species.

Learn step by step how it was transformed into gardens and a leading Caribbean Eco Lodge.

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