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Biodiesel in Jamaica: Practical Waste Stream Diversion


Diverting cropland to grow combustible fuels is not a sensible option. However biodiesel remains a viable and practical strategy for waste stream diversion. Biodiesel can be a practical and uniquely green type of technology in Jamaica, because of the resources and climate found there.

In areas that hospitality plays a major role in the economy like in Jamaica, an abundance of cooking oil is produced, which is partially unused and wasted. But with that cooking oil diesel engines can be helped to improve Jamaica’s current economic situation. This process takes minimal or no processing of the oil and considering the major deficit the country has at the moment, whereby more goods are imported into a country than exported, this can help improve the economy extremely.  

The process is as simple as it can get. The used cooking oil can be filtered with mesh or reusable stainless steel 10-micron filters and can then be poured directly into diesel engine fuel tanks. While stock diesel engines can burn biodiesel directly without modification, because bio diesel contains more energy per cubic inch, it burns hotter than conventional petroleum based diesel. In some cases it is advised to replace all rubber washers, gaskets and hoses with stainless steel.

Are you aware of any biodiesel vehicles in Jamaica?

Camp Cabarita is planning on using a biodiesel generator as a backup generator in the near future. This way, Camp Cabarita will use the green technology and will try to help improve the economic conditions. This will provide Camp Cabarita with a reliable (backup) energy source that is renewable and has a low impact on the environment.

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