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Mayfield Falls Eco Tour

Mayfield Falls Eco Tour is the Top Rated Water Fall Tour in Jamaica

Mayfield Falls Eco Tour is a two-mile chain of waterfalls, with tunnels, water caves, deep pools, and shallow areas. As an eco lodge Camp Cabarita is fortunate to have such an awesome neighbor and bonafide eco adventure right next door.

Mayfield Falls: Top Jamaica Waterfalls Eco Tour
Top Rated Waterfall in Jamaica

The series of 21 small cascades flows through lush Jamaican jungle and offers plenty of chances for visitors to wade, swim, and scramble over the falls.  You can even stand under or behind some of them for a fun photo op or a relaxing natural massage.

Many resort areas offer tours to this pristine nature experience, but while other visitors to Jamaica have to drive an hour or more each way, our guests can just walk ten minutes to reach the Mayfield Falls grounds. After that, a short walk through gardens and tropical fruit trees—cacao, fig, breadfruit, and others—leads to the head of the falls.  Despite how close it is, activity there can’t be heard at Camp.

Mayfield Falls Eco Tour as a guest Camp Cabarita Eco Resort

Camp Cabarita’s guests experience Mayfield Falls Eco Tour like no one else can, enjoying special privileges including hiking the falls alone or on a private eco tour with one of our friendly, knowledgeable guides. There’s no need to worry about crowds of strangers, or about feeling rushed by groups of tourists in front or behind.  Visit the falls first thing in the morning, before they open to the public—you and your travel party will have this unadulterated stretch of paradise to yourselves.  And because camp is so close, you can even return in the evening after tour groups from elsewhere have left for the day.  Afterward, you might enjoy a cold, Kingston-brewed Guinness or Red Stripe and check out carvings by local woodworkers.

As a guest at Camp Cabarita, an hour or two in the invigorating, rejuvenating waters of Mayfield Falls is much more accessible  then the day trip experience that most tourists experience.  For more information on Mayfield Falls check out our article, with more information on the experience and grounds. The Falls  can be the perfect start—or end—to another amazing day at the best place to stay in Jamaica.

Cabarita River Frontage: What you need to know

Why to go? Fantastic climbing, trekking and swimming

What to wear? swimsuit and watershoes

What to see? A beautiful chain of water falls 

What to expect? a medium difficulty eco adventure

What to bring?camera (provided)

How long does it take? 2.5 hours

How to schedule?
Ask Buddy

How to get there?
10 minute walk from your room

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