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Our New Jamaican Vegetable Garden

The Start of Our Jamaican Vegetable Garden

Our Jamaican Vegetable Garden helps satisfy our resort’s needs for fresh, local produce. Our demand for fresh seasonal produce have increased and we’ve expanded our vegetable gardens the needs of hungry travelers. The adjacent 1/2 acre property was a perfect location for the larger food plot. The garden gives Camp Cabarita access to a greater variety of “garden to plate” crops and stagger planting throughout the growing season. A proper Jamaican vegetable garden was the next logical step to increasing our self sufficiency and is a practical complement to the wide variety of on site fruit trees.

Jamaican Vegetable Garden
Heirloom Jamaican Cabbage Ready for Harvest

We continue to source food from our neighbors and can also barter with our excess in times of surplus. Cooperating our neighbors supports our community and helps preserve the rural agricultural lifestyle threatened by globalization. Buying and eating local is an easy decision. The food we grow nourishes our guests and staff alike and is a great reminder of the incredible life sustaining capacity of Jamaica.

Here’s a partial list of what is included in our

Jamaican Vegetable Garden

Beans (Red Peas & White Broad Beans)
Bok Choy (Pop Choy)

Peppers (Sweet & Scotch Bonnet)

Our new gardening plan is entering it’s 2nd season and is a big step towards Camp Cabarita achieving our own sustainability goals. Check out our past blog posts on Biodynamic Composting and Hugelkultur for perspective on what we’ve done to overcome some of the difficult clay soils in our area.

Looking Ahead

In 2017 we plan to add some bee hives on the rear of our property to increase yields of fruit tree, vegetable crops and generally benefit the wide array of indigenous plants. We will also be rolling our “Kampchi” our Jamaica version of Kimchi, which is a common sense approach preserving some of our harvest and adding a pro-biotic item to our menu. We are also designing a fresh water aquaculture / natural pool that will supply us with fresh fish, aid food production and add to the serene ambiance of our amazing setting. Stay tuned for upcoming blog posts on each of these exciting developments.

We are grateful to our guests who support our mission make this meaningful work possible. If you haven’t visited Camp Cabarita yet we invite yousee for yourself how we give new meaning to “Know Your Farmer”.

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