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Jamaica Travel Tip: Best Ways to Communicate with Home – Calls & Internet

Camp Cabarita has gone through extensive efforts to bring an internet signal to our remote location.
Our service often goes many months without any interruption, however from time to time because of weather or other facts our network is susceptible outages.  If internet is absolutely a necessity for you having a backup plan will put your mind at ease.  You can either check with you existing provider about international roaming voice in Jamaica or we can procure a SIM card from a local voice and data provider.


The number of mobile communication apps seems endless. We’ve put together this Jamaica travel tip on the best ways to call and text for free to make your communication with home easy. With wifi being widely available at most restaurants and hotels, no matter where you decide to travel, makes communicating through mobile apps convenient and easy without the international data charges.  With these applications, voice, video and text chat can all be options to stay in touch. Downloading and setting these up ahead of time while still having access to an active phone number can help to avoid unnecessary problems with activation and verification steps while on the road. Below is an easy to follow chart with the different options available along with links to more information on each app.

App App to App
App to App
App to US
Phone Calls
App to US
Video Chatting US Phone Number Provided

**Google Hangouts voice call feature is not available in Jamaica.
**Google Hangouts will need to be accompanied with the Google Voice app for all features mentioned.
**WhatsApp app to app call feature is currently only available on Android phones.

A mobile SIM card can also be purchased while visiting some countries including Jamaica. See our blog post on modifying a foreign SIM card to fit U.S. smart phones here. For guests coming to stay at Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge we have a Digicel SIM card available to use during your stay.

Are you an experienced traveler?
Please let us know if you have any other apps or suggestions that you’ve found helpful while traveling abroad.


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