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Jamaican Nightlife


Jamaican Nightlife

Jamaican Nightlife
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No trip to Jamaica is complete without experiencing the nightlife. No, not clubs crowded with tourists—to experience the authentic vibe of Jamaica you have to live it, or better yet, dance it. Music and dance are at the heart of Jamaican culture. After a relaxing day at Camp Cabarita, take the chance to immerse yourself in the nightlife of Jamaica and dance from sundown until sunrise.

Jamaican NightlifeOne of the best ways to get the full, unfiltered experience is through roadside parties and sound system clashes. To find good parties it’s important to talk to locals, but paying attention to posters and vinyl decals can also help you find your way. You might even find a group to join to show you around for the night. There are also different types of dancehalls with various genres of music, but to truly experience Jamaica, you should go to a party with reggae culture—and maybe learn some dance moves you can show off at home!

There is plenty of action, but these parties usually spread out over long stretches of road, so there are plenty of places to hang out and observe. Food and drink vendors are easy to find along the way. After all, everyone needs some food and energy in their system before they can have a blast. So arrive early to have a portion of your favorite Jamaican dish, and then stay late to dance the night away!

Want to be the center of attention for a night? Or just watch the street-side parties? It doesn’t matter whether you are young or old; you can do whatever you wish and still have loads of fun fully experiencing the Jamaican nightlife culture. Be prepared to sleep in afterward with a contented smile—and if you’re going dancing, expect sore legs in the morning!

Jamaican Night Life: What you need to know

Why to go?
An authentic dose  of Jamaican culture

What to wear?
Long pants & whatever else fits your style

What to see?
Jamaicans hanging out & having fun

What to expect?
regardless of the venue, music, dancing

What to bring?
camera & Jamaican dollars

How long does it take?
sundown to early morning hours

How to schedule?
talk with locals about where the party is, pay attention to temporary posters, & vinyl decals on taxi’s
How to get there?
Camp staff will accompany you

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