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Eco Hike to River Head & Mountain Springs

Jamaican Mountain River Springs Eco Tour

The Jamaican Mountain River Springs Eco Tour is 1/2 to full day adventure is a special treat for nature lovers AND and off the beaten track travelers. Experienced guides to help you navigate layers of pools, glens and falls.

This eco tour WILL NOT DISAPPOINT. Picture “The Fountain of Youth” in your minds eye. You’ve never been there. You’ve never seen anything like it. We’ve set the expectation and will not disappoint. Fresh water aquifers from the sea floor are filtered by thousands of feet of limestone and peculate in cascading pools. This setting is private and very pristine. Along the way you’ll have an opportunity to see the wild AND cultivated Jamaican countryside

Jamaican Mountain River Springs Eco Tour
Riverhead Eco Adventure: What you need to know

About Jamaican Mountain River Springs Eco Tour

Like add of the eco tours at Camp Cabarita Eco Resort this tour is accessible from your door step. You’ll walk the border of Westmoreland and Hanover Parishes and see the un populated wild countryside. The tour can last as little as 2 hours but feel free to spend an entire day wading and exploring in privacy. This area is virtually untouched, it possible to see soft mineral buildup on the rocky dolomite building in front of your eyes. Take care as you hike up a series of springs and shallow pools, until large spring pouring directly out of the mountain directly underneath a giant fig trees roots. These springs are the source of the Mayfield River which merges shortly after with The Cabarita River.

Why to go?
Amazing eco adventure

What to wear?
Swimming suit, water shoes comfortable enough for hiking

What to see?
Jamaican countryside, various farms, pristine freshwater springs

What to expect?
a 45 trail hike & then about 90 minutes of swimming, wadding and climbing a series of fresh water springs & pools

What to bring?
water, dry sack, camera

How long does it take?
2- 4 hours

How to schedule?
Ask Staff

How to get there?
One or more experienced guides will take you

Jamaican Mountain River Springs Eco Tour

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