Camp Cabarita

Community Events

Looking for the best place to stay in Jamaica? Most tourists prefer Americanized resorts that don’t provide an authentic Jamaican experience. If this doesn’t sound like fun, try immersing yourself in the real Jamaica at Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge. Our complex is nestled among 400 feet of picturesque riverfront in the stunning Dolphinhead mountains of western Jamaica. Since we run an ecotourism operation, you’ll live in harmony with this wondrous environment instead of exploiting it. There are many ways to enjoy our lodge and the land around it, including a guided tour of the many waterfalls and caves nearby, or a hike of Dolphinhead mountain. Spending the day lounging on a hammock by the river is also an option, along with strolling around the charming Glenbrook community patronizing one of its quaint establishments and interacting with friendly locals. If you want to get out of your busy routine and tour Jamaica on “island time” there is no better choice than Camp Cabarita.

Yet perhaps Camp Cabarita’s most sought after amenity is being part of the community, rather than cut off from it. Guests and staff are always invited to local soccer and cricket matches, which sometimes draw up to 500 spectators. Local food and drink are in abundance, along with the passions of the local fans. Such experiences are not offered at pricey resorts, but guests at Camp Cabarita often make these community events an integral part of their stay. Besides sporting events, guests and staff also have a lot of fun at street festivals, sound system clashes and birthday parties thrown by the locals. These parties feature reggae music, dancing, and plenty of food and drink vendors. Few tourists are able to have authentic experiences like this in Jamaica, which guest consistently rate as one of the main benefits of Camp Cabarita.

Guests and staff are so integrated into the community, they are also invited to any wakes or grave diggings that may be happening. Jamaicans treat death much differently than most cultures, as they take it as a chance to celebrate life rather than a somber occasion. This means that everyone is invited whether they knew the deceased or not. The first part of the death process is the grave digging, a mid day event where community members gather to dig the grave and then cast it concrete, usually in the family yard. All are welcome to eat, drink and be merry. The funeral comes next and is the most formal event, attended only by family and friends. The wake, or “wake yard” is the last event, and is open to anyone wanting to party. Many times food and drink vendors show up to service the crowd which usually dances far into the night. We think Camp Cabarita is the best resort in Jamaica, as it provides a raw and authentic experience that is curated just enough to maximize your trip to the fullest extent possible. So if you’re planning a trip to Jamaica, we hope you join us!

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