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Agricultural Ecotour in Jamaica: Where Hospitality Meets Sustainability

Of the many places to stay in Jamaica, many are indeed gorgeous resorts. But as we become more aware of the ecological footprint we leave on the world for future generations, the appeal of conventional resorts—and conventional tourism—is waning.

Ecotourism in Jamaica lets nature stay natural. It doesn’t require destroying or disturbing the local ecosystem in pursuit of beauty. Instead, it provides an experience that has little impact on natural areas and a huge impact on visitors.

Camp Cabarita makes use of nature without using it up. Our agricultural ecotour takes guests both to the on-site farm and to neighboring farms in the community. Most are only a 10-minute walk away. Along the way, guests get the chance to meet local farmers and learn about local crops, soil preparation, crop rotation, and complementary planting. All this, on the same farms that supply the camp with fresh produce for our guests.

Jamaica’s fantastic climate and unique cultural warmth make the trip all the more special. During the tour, neighboring farmers aren’t shy about showing visitors how to harvest a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetables. If the crop is in season, everyone can eat from the land. You’re even free to help with the harvest, gathering fresh ingredients for the day’s meal. And after touring farms during the day, you’re likely to run into one of the farmers later that night for a game of dominoes and a shot of rum at a local shop.

Some people assume Jamaica’s best resort must be the most luxurious, but Camp Cabarita guests know different. It’s been described as the best resort in Jamaica when considering all factors: location, comfort, safety, authenticity, and sustainability—a core principle of ecotourism. The Camp Cabarita experience makes it not only a one-of-a-kind destination, but also one of the best places to stay in Jamaica.

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