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Eco Lodge Setting and Neighborhood


Camp Cabarita has a strong connection to the neighborhood, people, and the nature which encompasses it.

Neighbor Activities

There’s plenty to in and around Camp Cabarita. Activities are things to do on the grounds or are easily walk able.

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The River Frontage Provides Hours of Relaxation

Cabarita River
Camp Cabarita has over 400 ft of river frontage of the Cabarita River. The river is a short walk from the property and there is an amazing 7 ft deep swimming hole with a rocky beach to sit and enjoy. The river is a great place to swim, relax and cool off. The River is about a 1 minute walk from the Lodge or your room so it’s usually visited multiple times throughout the day. Locals espoused the Cabarita River’s healing properties for generations.

The Original Mayfield Falls
Neighbours to Camp Cabarita, Mayfield Falls is rated Jamaica’s #1 eco-tourist attraction and rated in the top 10 attractions in Jamaica. Spring fed from the mountain with 2 beautiful waterfalls and several natural pools, this is an unforgettable eco-tourism experience.
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Neighborhood Stroll
Morning, afternoon or evening walks around the quiet neighborhood for a cold beverage or warm home cooked meal are a delight. There are a number of shops and bars that are walk able from Camp Cabarita. On the map below it shows Nadia’s shop (pictured right), which serves a beer and spirits, Denise’s Cookshop, serving lunch dinner most as well as drinks and snacks, and Janet’s shop , where you can buy a variety of soft drinks, beer, snacks, and useful sundries. TIP: hang around for a game of dominoes at Denise’s, is a great way to meet new friends.

Eco Hikes
Explore the diverse flora on a guided tour to a mountain top, your guide will identify various wild herbs, roots, and plants used in traditional preparations for many applications. Your guide will happily collect some of the bounty of the land and prepare an herbal tea upon your return. Any wild ginger collected along the way can be grated, juiced and turned into a refreshing gingerade. On your journey your likely to run across area residents on their way to and from their yam, vegetable and fruit tree farms. The terrain is steep and can be a little muddy, long pants are highly recommended.

Agri Tours
Local and adjacent farms grow a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetable – explore the diversity and methods. Farmers are as friendly as their are willing to share their knowledge and experience. You’ll have an opportunity to harvest anything that’s in season and either enjoy immediately or carry it back to Camp and contribute to the next meal. Crops that do particularly well in area soils include many types of yam, sweet potato, melon, cucumber, sugar cane, pumpkin, corn, pineapple, calallo, plantain, banana and many, many more.

Mountain Cave
Hike to a mountain top cave called by locals ‘Ginger Werks Jah Creation Cave’. About a 3 hour adventure in all, 1/2 of which is a lazy winding walk along hilly country roads and the other 1/2 is ascending and descending a local mountain with a scrambling style climb to the cavernous Ginger Werks Jah Creation Cave. Some care has been taken to build rock steps to cave mouth, which opens to a large cavern that can be further descended into. This cave is really beautiful and something few tourists get to see.
Bamboo Camp Fire
The popping sparks of a bamboo fire are a sight to see. Camp fires and nature go hand in hand is almost every culture and Jamaica is no different. Dried bamboo will be gathered from the property, you welcome to pitch in gathering it if you like or simple watch as Camp Cabarita staff expertly cuts 70 foot pieces of bamboo with the tool of choice – a machete of course ! An added benefit on clear nights are the amazingly bright stars. Camp Cabarita is about 2000 ft above sea level making star gazing the perfect addition to an evening fire. Have a seat in one of our Adirondack style chairs and enjoy a hot herbal tea or local rum mixer.

Learn to Cook Jamaican Dishes
Camp Cabarita’s Kitchen has a family like atmosphere if you interested in learning how to cook any of the traditional fare rest assured there are no secret recipes here. Feel free to ride with staff to the open air farmer’s market in Savanna La Mar and then look on and or lend a hand as the days meal is prepared. Jerk Chicken is known the world over as a signature dish and Camp Cabarita’s is among the best – but other preparations including Brown Stew and Curry are equally delectable. Mountain Shrimp (crayfish) are a regional river specialty and captured in woven bamboo baskets from local rivers and used prepared in a Pepper Pot Soup. Fish Tea (Fish Boil), Braised Ox Tail and many more are frequent menu items and we’re happy to share.

Community Events
Community Events include football (soccer) matches, birthdays, parties, grave diggings, wakes and more. These types of happenings are celebrated by young and old alike and visitors are made very welcomed. These are great opportunities to engage in the cultural and the sorts of experiences that have been typically inaccessible to tourists. Invariably these gathering have professional sound systems and dj’s playing music, vendors selling drinks, refreshments and freshly prepared food. You will be accompanied to these safe and fun events by a member of Camp Cabarita’s staff.

Neighborhood Aerial

Neighborhood Aerial


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