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Jamaican Ganja Butter Recipe

UPDATE: The original recipe we posted below for cannabutter or ganja butter has been independently verified by High Times as being the most potent method. As originally reported by in May of 2015, all factors being equal butter absorbs more THC than popular alternatives like coconut oil.

New marijuana laws in Colorado and Washington have spurred a resurgence in edible marijuana products. Edibles have some advantages over smoking that including a more intense and long lasting high. One potential disadvantage is that it can take 30 – 120 minutes to feel the effect.

Camp Cabarita developed this Jamaican Ganja Butter Recipe to perfection!

Step 1: Clean and grind 1 oz of marijuana.
Step 2: Bake covered for 1 hour at 245 F for 50 minutes.
Step 3: Let cool for 1 hour, keep covered.
Step 4: Simmer on low to medium on stovetop with 8 oz of free range grass fed butter for 50 minutes.
Step 5: Finely strain into 10 oz wide mouth mason jar. Notes: Keep stored in fridge.

Lasts up to 3 months. Makes 150-200 servings. Please enjoy responsibly.

WARNING: the carboxylated THC metabolite made absorbable during the cooking process is a much more potent derivative than the THC absorbed during smoke inhalation.

Jamaican ganja butter recipe

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