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Jamaican Ganja Butter Recipe

UPDATE: The original recipe we posted below for cannabutter or ganja butter has been independently verified by High Times as being the most potent method. As originally reported by in May of 2015, all factors being equal butter absorbs more THC than popular alternatives like coconut oil. New marijuana[…]

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Ganja & Marijuana Legalized in Jamaica

For many eco travelers the motivation to travel off the beaten track is to immerse themselves in local culture and customs. Cannabis culture is inseparable from Jamaican history, Rastafari and reggae music. Ganja use has always been wide spread in Jamaica but until recently it’s use wasn’t legal. This blog[…]

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Death Rituals In Jamaica

grave digging in Jamaica

Camp Cabarita’s guest are often invited to grave diggings or wake yards (dead yards). These events offer a unique look and how Jamaicans deal with death and also insight into Jamaican culture in general. Most tourists traveling Jamaica won’t get the opportunity for this special experience and celebration. Because it[…]

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Rastafari Culture

Rastafarian culture

It’s difficult to talk about Jamaica’s traditions, people and way of life without acknowledging the significance of the Rastafari movement in shaping their culture. The Rastafarian movement gained momentum during Haile Selassie’s visit to Jamaica in 1966. Haile Selassie, born Tafari Makonnen Woldemikael in 1892, was crowned emperor in 1930[…]

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