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Agricultural Ecotour in Jamaica: Where Hospitality Meets Sustainability

Of the many places to stay in Jamaica, many are indeed gorgeous resorts. But as we become more aware of the ecological footprint we leave on the world for future generations, the appeal of conventional resorts—and conventional tourism—is waning. Ecotourism in Jamaica lets nature stay natural. It doesn’t require destroying[…]

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The Original Mayfield Falls

Neighbors to Camp Cabarita, Mayfield Falls is rated Jamaica’s #1 eco-tourist attraction and rated in the top 10 attractions in Jamaica. Spring fed from the mountain with 2 beautiful waterfalls and several natural pools, this is an unforgettable eco-tourism experience. The grounds are less than a 5 minute walk from[…]

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Camp Cabarita Wiki

Camp Cabarita has launched it’s own Wiki. The site is built on WikiMedia, the same powerful and collaborative software used by WikiPedia, and just like Wikipedia registrants can add, modify and improve the content. The initial sections are include: 1 MiViStra: Mission, Vision & Strategy 2 History 3 Uses 4[…]

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Remembering Grandmother of Eco Tourism Jamaica

Jamaican Eco Tourism Pioneer and Founder of The Original Mayfield Falls, Sarah Willis passed away Tuesday. Ms. Willis was a strong community leader in the Glenbrook District of Westmoreland. She valued education and supported community and economic development through her own business and a plethora of community organizing activities. « When[…]

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