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Camp Cabarita Bien-être Eco Recours

About Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort

Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort is a private riverside paradise with over 400 feet of frontage on the Cabarita River. In a small hamlet named Glenbrook lies a magical, private sanctuary hidden to most tourists. Experience serenity within culture and nature.  Meals, Homemade Skin scrubs, Herbal Soaks, Kombucha included.
Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort

The Eco Resort Experience

Our guests appreciate a peaceful natural setting, mountain views turquoise blue river frontage and swimming hole. Nestled in a tropical forest and our eco resort is near stunning two-mile chain of cascading waterfalls, a massive cave, and beautiful springs. These incredible adventures lie within walking distance. The river frontage at our eco resort is amazingly clear spring water and features a wonderful swimming hole. Our stretch of the Cabarita River is one river bend from where the place that the Mayfield and Cabarita Rivers merge.

Resort guests enjoy relaxing and unwinding in a natural environment unlike any other. There are opportunity experience eco adventures, accompanied by knowledgeable local guides. Hike through the mountains while learning about local plants and seeing fantastic vistas, or explore the natural splendor of Ginger Works Cave.  You will also have a chance to visit with neighboring farmers to learn about sustainable and traditional farming practices.



Eco Resort Setting: Rural Riverfront Mountainside

Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort is about 2,000 feet above sea level, deep in the mountains of Westmoreland and Hanover parishes. The pristine surrounding environment is recognized for it’s incredible biodiversity and unique ecological value. Jamaica is home to the highest percentage of endemic plant life in the world, and over 30% of the island’s plant and animal species originated in the Dolphin Head region.

Resort Rooms

We have a total of 6 private guest rooms that can comfortable accommodate 1-4 persons. The Jamaica Jungalo and Eco Chic building rooms are 396 square feet of sleeping quarters, bathroom, covered veranda. The Irie Cottage is also spacious and has nice sized balconies with great views. View our Rooms:

Eco Resort River Jamaica
Turquoise Blue Water River Frontage on the Cabarita River

Authentic & Comfortable

Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort
Farm to Fork Meals from the Wild Pineapple

Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort
Comfortable, Relaxed, Flexible Common Areas

Resort Facilities

The property has a campus like setting with large open spaces, gardens, fruit trees and flowering plants. Common areas feature:

The grounds and facilities are an ideal location for intensives, workshops, seminars, boot camps, green destination weddings, and honeymoons.

Our Mission

Dedicated to the health and well-being of our guests, staff, community & environment; Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort is a blend of minimalist comfort and sustainable, practical luxury. Our eco resort both supports and is supported by the environment & immediate community. Camp Cabarita procures unfiltered interaction with the real Jamaica combined with a health promoting lifestyle treatments and lifestyle.

Our Strategy

By promoting wellness in mind, body, and soul, Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Eco Resort reminds its guests to cultivate the wellness of the land and the natural surroundings. The property is designed with green building methods and strives for self-sufficiency, with Permaculture design methods and sustainable technologies.  Our hope is that visitors return home with refined vision and increased knowledge to better themselves, and the world around them. We are is the leading Caribbean eco resort, focused on preserving the ecosystem around us and supporting the physical and mental wellness of our guests.  Decompress while reflecting on life and cultivating balance in both mind and body, as you partake in swimming, hiking, relaxation  and our world class eco tours.

Additional Resources

This is an important and significant environmental area:
Read About the Dolphin Head Resource Protection Program (Nearest Land Trust Conservation)

Geotechnical and Environmental Assessment


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