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1. Camp Cabarita is an eco lodge and retreat on 4-acre farm and tropical forest located on the Cabarita River in Westmoreland, Jamaica.

2. Camp Cabarita is a short walk (5 minutes) to The Original Mayfield Falls. many other eco adventures withing walking distance Learn more about activities and day trips from Camp Cabarita

3. Camp Cabarita is about a 1 hour ride from Sangster International Airport in Montego Bay.

4. Expect running water, restrooms & showers, separate quarters, and local cuisine bursting with flavor.

5. Camp Cabarita is surrounded by tropical forest. Temperatures are between 75 and 85 degrees year-round.

6. Buddy, O’Neil, and Ryan are Camp Cabarita’s permanent team members. Learn more about us here

7. Camp Cabarita has electricity in its dining area & rooms.

8. Verizon as well as various international cell phone service work on the property. The default contact number for Camp Cabarita is 876-520-7825.

9. Camp Cabarita is very safe and secure; staffed 24/7, and located in a sparsely populated neighborhood.


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