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The Ultimate Jamaica Eco Travel Pack List

Pack List and Immigration
below is a suggested pack list and attached is a tip sheet for the Jamaican immigration form which can avoid unnecessary delay upon arrival at the airport.

Travel Delays or Itinerary Changes
If you experience any travel delays on the day of arrival, please let Ryan know by text or voice at 414-531-4414.

Upon Arrival: Meeting your travel party
After customs exit glass sliding door on your right. Again on your right about 30 feet away, there is a little restaurant bar with an elevated dining area called the Groovy Grouper.  The driver will have your name on a piece of paper to find you.

Sangster International Airport has complimentary WiFi.

Suggested Pack List:

~Passport & Pen
~Ipod/MP3 (Loaded with all of your favorite music)
~Beach Bag/Backpack
~Chargers for phones, Camera’s, and ipod’s etc.
~Small dry sack/dry bag
~Zip lock plastic bags
~Small travel mirror
~Water bottle
~Water shoes (Chaco, Keen, Teva, Crocs type)
~Trail shoes/or beat up tennis
~1 pair of light pants
~Shorts and T’s
~2 Swimsuits
~Micro-fleece Long sleeve
~Biodegradable shampoo, conditioner and soap
~Sanitizing/Wet wipes
~Hand Sanitizer
~Small First Aid kit
~Aloe with Lidocane (burn relief gel)
~Calamine Lotion
~Hydro-cortisone Cream/Anti itch cream
~Bug spray
~prescription medication
~Protein bars/Snacks (for travel and hiking)

Travel Tips:
Cash (amount depending on planned activities US dollars are accepted almost everywhere)
Call credit card company to notify traveling
Familiarize your self with the Jamaican Immigration form and make sure to have all necessary information is accessible

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