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Eco Chic Rooms Added

Eco Chic Design

In November Camp Cabarita Wellbeing Resort opened our Eco Chic Building featuring our new Mountain and River Rooms. This building was inspired by our Jungalo Building and was designed to make the beautiful surrounding environment enjoyable from the comfort and privacy of your room.

Both the Mountain and River rooms feature a 24′ wide covered veranda, outfitted with a daybed and comfortable furniture  Each room also has ample & large louvered windows. 2 double beds, and bathroom with a large closet.

The addition of the eco mountain and eco river rooms has increased capacity of Camp Cabarita to a total of 24 guests.  Consider Camp Cabarita Well Being Resort as location for a:
-destination wedding
-family reunion or holiday
-bachelor or bachelorette party
-retreat, workshop, intensive or bootcamp

Local Labor

The buildings were build by Busly and Spencer our two long time skilled carpenters and residents of Glenbrook.



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