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Agricultural Ecotour in Jamaica: Where Hospitality Meets Sustainability

Of the many places to stay in Jamaica, many are indeed gorgeous resorts. But as we become more aware of the ecological footprint we leave on the world for future generations, the appeal of conventional resorts—and conventional tourism—is waning. Ecotourism in Jamaica lets nature stay natural. It doesn’t require destroying[…]

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Fuel Efficient Technology Project

Realtor and inventor increase car’s gas mileage to 128 mpg By Liz Ramus , of BizTimes Published January 8, 2010 With the help of a friend, commercial real estate broker Ryan Persitza has increased the gas mileage in his 1963 Volkswagon Beetle to 128 miles per gallon. The project is[…]

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Whole Tree Construction & Furniture

Update: A structural timber column has recently to the lodge and bar area. We sourced a standing dead and dry tree from the area. The tree adds to the natural aesthetic of the building in addition to buttressing the overall strength and durability of the building. Designing and building with[…]

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Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company ( a leading distributor, curator and retailer of non-hybrid, not-treated, non-patented, non-gmo and heirloom seeds has become a sponsor of Camp Cabarita (, a leading Caribbean Eco Lodge and Retreat. Camp Cabarita has a mission to create meaningful and lasting change on the part of[…]

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Reallygoods: A GREAT Travel Food

Camp Cabarita is pleased to announce that Reallygoods GorillyGoods is the official snack food of Camp Cabarita. Reallygoods GorillyGoods are a GREAT Travel Food. Many eco and adventure travelers, backpackers and athletes like pre-packaged, nutritious, and dense food like GorillyGoods. Update: ReallyGoods have been rebranded as GorillyGoods which are still[…]

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