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Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company

Baker Creek Heirloom Seed Company ( a leading distributor, curator and retailer of non-hybrid, not-treated, non-patented, non-gmo and heirloom seeds has become a sponsor of Camp Cabarita (, a leading Caribbean Eco Lodge and Retreat. Camp Cabarita has a mission to create meaningful and lasting change on the part of[…]

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Reallygoods: A GREAT Travel Food

Camp Cabarita is pleased to announce that Reallygoods GorillyGoods is the official snack food of Camp Cabarita. Reallygoods GorillyGoods are a GREAT Travel Food. Many eco and adventure travelers, backpackers and athletes like pre-packaged, nutritious, and dense food like GorillyGoods. Update: ReallyGoods have been rebranded as GorillyGoods which are still[…]

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How to Make Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee

he many travelers for whom coffee is simply a part of travel will be glad to know Jamaican Blue Mountain Coffee is served at Camp Cabarita hand made and brewed in individual servings in Vietnamese coffee makers pictured below. Cups can be infused with cinnamon bark, lemon grass, vanilla, and[…]

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Eco Lodge Sources Local Food

Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge’s sources local food: produce, dairy, eggs and meats comes directly from the local farmers either through the farmers market or our neighbors. We keep by the “farmer to table” concept not only for our own and guest’s benefit and well being, but also to support the[…]

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