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Cooking in Jamaica

Everyone can do it—let’s spice things up!

When you travel to Jamaica, it’s easy to see that one of the island’s best features is the diverse flora that fills the countryside, many of which are edible or even medicinal. Spices and seasonings like turmeric, tamarind, lemongrass, basil, nutmeg, and more grow all around Camp Cabarita and throughout Westmoreland. Many tropical fruits and vegetables grow locally as well, both in the wild and on nearby farms.

Jamaica’s warm culture shows in its cuisine; every ingredient, whether meat, vegetable, or fruit, is treated with the utmost respect. Camp Cabarita’s Agricultural Ecotour provides an excellent opportunity to experience the whole process, from farming and planting to harvesting and cooking. Visit the local farms that supply the camp with fresh produce, to learn from and—if you so desire—work with the farmers who tend them. You’ll have the chance to collect some of the harvest yourself, and either enjoy it right away or bring it back to camp to contribute to a meal.

Our guides and staff are also happy to show you how to use the freshest of ingredients to enhance your own cooking or in a variety of regional specialties.Jerk Chicken is known the world over as one of Jamaica’s signature dishes, and Camp Cabarita’s is among the best. Other preparations including Brown Stew and Curry are equally delectable. Mountain Shrimp (crayfish) are a regional river specialty, captured in woven bamboo baskets from local rivers and used in Pepper Pot Soup. Fish Tea (Fish Boil), Braised Ox Tail, and many more are also among the frequent menu items we’re happy to share.

Camp Cabarita’s kitchen has a family atmosphere. Feel free to join our staff on a ride to the open-air farmer’s market in Savanna La Mar, and look on or lend a hand preparing the day’s meal when you get back. Rest assured there are no secret recipes here, though you might call them your own secret recipes when you get back home!

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