Camp Cabarita

Agriculture Tours

Glenbrook is an agricultural community. There are many farms near Camp Cabarita and our neighbors are happy to take time out of their day for an agricultural tour to share and learn.
On and agriculture ecotour guests:

  • meet farmers
  • learn about local crops
  • times to plant
  • soil preparation
  • crop rotation

map of area farms

Local and adjacent farms grow a wide variety of tropical fruits and vegetable – explore the diversity and methods. Farmers are as friendly as they are willing to share their knowledge and experience. You’ll have an opportunity to harvest anything that’s in season and either enjoy immediately or carry it back to Camp and contribute to the next meal. Crops that do particularly well in area soils include many types of yam, sweet potato, melon, cucumber, sugar cane, pumpkin, corn, pineapple, callaloo, plantain, banana and many, many more.

Agriculture Tours: What you need to know

Why to go? Learning about local crops & practices

What to wear? Shorts, shades, & trail shoes

What to see? one or more farms & crops at various stages

What to expect? most of the farms are within a 10 min walk

What to bring?camera

How long does it take? varies

How to schedule?

How to get there?
Farmer led

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