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Enjoy an Herbal Soak in our Japanese Tubs

The first items sent to Camp Cabarita from abroad were our prized camphor and cypress Japanese soaking tubs were among the first items from abroad. At this time Camp Cabarita had no road, running water or electricity we were carefully planning how to provide rejuvenating herbal soaks and hydrotherapy.

Since our inception which includes humblest of beginnings, Camp Cabarita has been singularly focused on our guests experience and well being.

There are many benefits to the different types of hydrotherapy which includes:
– Warming muscles and the body prior to massage therapy
– Helping the body recover from a day of hiking or travel
– Warm baths have a cooling effect on the body afterwards
– Improves circulation and promotes relaxation

Cypress, Camphor, & Stainless Steel Tubs for a Variety of Treatments

Our guests soak in a combination of various seasonal healing herbs and leaves including lemon, lime, orange, neroli, lemon grass, cinnamon. The day’s botanical blend are brewed together into a concentrated tea and then added to bath to provide an aromatic, detoxifying and toning properties to the water. An herbal soak is really the ideal prelude to massage, have pre heated and loosened muscles and other soft tissue compounds the benefits and efficacy of massage.

In the near future we will be putting our 130 gallon stainless steel tub in service for salt soaks. Our resort will also soon be offering contrast hydrotherapy, which involves the patient alternative between sitting in warm water, with extremities in cold water and then alternating to sitting in cold water and submerging the exterminates in warm water. Contrast flushes the blood in the body top to bottom and inside out.

The soaking tubs are opposite our Open Sky Stone Showers on a covered patio and a proof positive of Camp Cabarita’s evolution from an Eco Lodge to a Wellbeing Eco Resort.

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