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Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts

Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts: Demand increasing for Authentic Experiences in Jamaica

Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts are the popular choice for discerning travelers of all ages. Awareness is greater than ever that everyday choices affect that natural world. Eco Travelers feel more connected to the communities they visit, and their choices help minimize undesirable consequences of tourism. In this article Camp Cabarita explores the following eco travel issues:

  • Definition of an eco lodge or eco resort
  • Why consider an eco lodge or eco resort
  • Eco tourism: A renewable resource
  • Tourism’s effect on the local economy
  • Examples of sustainability projects
  • Mission and Vision of Eco Tourism

What is an Eco Lodge or Eco Resort?

Hector Ceballos-Lascurain is credited with creating the term ‘ecotourism’ as:“Nature-based travel to relatively undisturbed areas, with emphasis on education” in 1983. Eco friendly properties adopt a combination Permaculture design, organic farming, Biodynamics, and LEED building standards.

Why to Consider Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts?

Eco friendly properties provide serene, peaceful and comfortable environments for travelers to enjoy. Camp Cabarita’s guests directly support the environment, our staff and local friends. Wellbeing of guests, staff, and grounds are synergistic.

eco lodge and eco resort
Busly a local carpenter tends to his chicken coop

Tourism’s Effect on Local Economies

Corporate hospitality is the major employer in Jamaica. These companies have high demand to keep workers and promote from within. Boutique eco hotel locations provide job to Jamaicans in rural areas that may lack access to transportation. Local business owners benefit from ecotourism.

Ecotourism: A guest’s perspective

Eco tourism is closely linked to community based tourism. Large hotels simply can’t compete with the personalized experiences boutique properties offer. Mega resorts need to consolidate vendors and homogenize processes to ensure consistency. Camp Cabarita relies on dozens of weekly micro-transactions of local community vendors for everything from hand raised chickens and eggs to general carpentry and masonry work. The connection to community is palpable and valuable. Camp Cabarita operates in a way that creates unique experiences for visitors interested in traditional Jamaican lifestyle and culture.

Ecotourism is a renewable resource

Tourism probably isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when you think of renewable resources. But if travelers enjoy Jamaica’s natural beauty without depleting the environment, tourism is a renewable resource. Because eco lodges and eco resorts focus on sustainability in addition highlighting natural beauty, eco tourism can often improve local environments. With sustainability as an axiom, eco accommodations usually incorporate food production, water conservation, green building techniques and renewable energy. We’ve detailed some of Camp Cabarita Eco Resort’s sustainability projects in the past, including:

Eco Resorts and Eco Lodges Mission

Camp Cabarita believes sustainability ultimately starts with relationships. We rely on longstanding relationships with the surrounding community to ensure excellent guest experiences. Our guests feel direct connection to the community in a different way then populated tourist destinations. Visitors appreciate less less hustle and bustle, more “ realness. “

Beyond the wellness of our guest, staff and environment eco resorts and eco lodges have special opportunities to promote lasting change. Being pampered by our spa treatment encourages continued self care. A week of eating fresh, local food can influence future dietary choices. Connecting to nature affirms positive lifestyle habits. Indulging simple sustainable luxuries helps do away the notion that sustainability is about sacrificing comfort or convenience. Simply providing quiet solitude can create the space required to be reminded of the important things that give life meaning.  As travelers young and old continue to seek authenticity and unique personalized experiences, Eco Lodges and Eco Resorts will continue to thrive.

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