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Eco Lodge Offers Coffee Skin Scrubs to Eco Travelers

Since ancient times skin scrubs have been used to keep skin healthy.  Egyptians used soft abrasives to keep skin smooth, soft and clean. Skin scrubs work by exfoliating dead skin and cleaning pores. The caffeine in coffee skin scrubs offers additional benefits. In this article Camp Cabarita explores:

  • How do Coffee Skin Scrubs work?
  • Homemade Coffee Skin Scrub Recipe
  • Why use Coffee Skin Scrubs?
  • How are skin scrubs used?
  • About our Jamaican Eco Resort’s skin scrubs

How do  Coffee Skin Scrubs work?

Skin scrubs have been a popular skincare treatment for thousands of years for a simple reason: SKIN SCRUBS WORK.  The skin scrubs improve skin condition in several ways:

  • Removing dead skin
  • Cleaning pores and hair follicles
  • Moisturizing dry skin
  • Stimulate new skin growth
  • Enhance circulation

Eco Resort’s Coffee Skin Scrub Recipe

The best skin scrub recipes include beneficial botanical ingredients that have healing, energizing, toning and anti-inflammatory properties.  Our Jamaican Eco Resort skin scrub contains three main ingredients in equal amounts:

  • Jamaican blue mountain coffee grounds
  • Jamaican cane sugar
  • Coconut oil and other essential oils

Coffee offers amazing benefits to your skin, it’s a gentle exfoliant with anti-inflammatory properties. Sugar adds a second organic abrasive which helps eliminate buildup and generate new skin cells so the benefits of skin scrubs extend beyond a deep cleaning. Coconut oil is a strong antibacterial and effective skin cleaner that also moisturizes skin.

What’s so special about COFFEE Skin Scrubs?

Caffeine has lots of elements all of which help you look and feel amazing.   The caffeine in the coffee helps to tighten the skin, which will help to reduce the appearance of cellulite.  Caffeine is loaded with antioxidants helping to combat wrinkles, sun spots and premature ageing of the skin.

Antioxidants are free radical scavengers that neutralize the results of oxidation which causes skin conditions like eczema and acne. Gentle exfoliants boost circulation breaking up fatty deposits also known cellulite. Like Coconut oil, coffee’s oils are cleansing, but additionally leave skin smelling great.  A coffee scrub can help in the soothing of sensitive skin by tightening blood vessels.

Coffee grounds have great benefits for your skin, especially when used in combination with other natural ingrediants to create the ultimate coffee scrub and, not to mention, benefits are noticeable immediately.  Exfoliating your skin removes dead skin and residual dirt, which allows moisture to absorb  evenly and effectively.

How to use a coffee skin scrub

Skin scrubs also remove dried particulate and excess oil from skin pores. Newly exposed skin is smooth and fresh,  and remaining skin is also clean and toned. The scrub is applied to damp skin, with the palm of your hand making small circular motions. You can do this yourself or recruit a helper and enjoy the extra health benefit of an invigorating massage.   If coffee scrubs are applied gently to the face  they  can reduce puffiness around your eyes and of course  leave your skin silky and smooth.  You’ll find massaging and even squeezing extremities will revitalize skin, soothe irritation, and help heal problem areas.

Why Camp Cabarita Makes Coffee Skin Scrubs?

For over 10 years Camp Cabarita has been making pour over coffee for our guests.  We are always looking for practical, sustainable ways to add unexpected luxuries to the rustic experience we offer.   Blue mountain coffee, coconut oil, and Jamaican sugar are all local ingredients that can be easily combined to benefit our guests’ health and experience.

Jamaican Coffee Skin ScrubsA vacation is  really the perfect time to take 10-20 minutes and indulge in this age old health promoting practice.  Our open sky stone showers or the Cabarita River are perfect places to rinse off when you’re done.   We typically make our scrubs fresh (right after breakfast) and because coffee also has UV protectors which block out the sun’s harmful rays, morning is the perfect time to apply your homemade skin scrub.

Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge skin scrub uses all natural ingredients. There’s obviously no need to visit Jamaica to include skin scrubs as a regular part of your personal health and skin hygiene regimen. However if you decide to stay with us you’ll realize the combination Jamaican Blue Mountain coffee,  unrefined Jamaican sugar cane, and coconut oil mean there is simply no reason to add synthetic ingredients to a skin scrub.  Consider visiting Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge and enjoying this bit of self care in the process.  Our natural, local coffee skin scrubs are a small, but important detail that make Camp Cabarita the best place to stay in Jamaica.

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