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Remembering Grandmother of Eco Tourism Jamaica

Jamaican Eco Tourism Pioneer and Founder of The Original Mayfield Falls, Sarah Willis passed away Tuesday. Ms. Willis was a strong community leader in the Glenbrook District of Westmoreland. She valued education and supported community and economic development through her own business and a plethora of community organizing activities.

„When I asked the government to help build a better road to the area, they asked me ‚What tourist is going to want to visit you down in a gully [ditch]'“

Today the Original Mayfield Falls is the #1 Tourist Destination and Attraction in Jamaica as rated by visitors of the popular travel website TripAdvisor. Suffice it to say Ms. Willis’s vibrant intellect and bright spirit will be dearly missed. While her ideas and concepts of eco travel were well ahead of her time, realizing her dream of sharing Mayfield Falls with many thousands of visitors and in doing so introduced them to the wonderful surrounding community and people that brought her immense satisfaction. I am grateful that I got to know Ms. Willis, and will forever cherish the encouragement and advice she shared generously with me.

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