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Jamaica Eco Tour Spotlight: Ginger Works Cave

We here Camp Cabarita think we’ve created a really special place and combination of service but we are truly humbled everyone one our guests has something positive to say about their experience here.  We’ve received a ton of love on TripAdvisor and social media, but from time you time we still get letter from guests.   We received the permission to post this one to our blog:

Jamaica Eco Tour: Ginger Works Cave

Eco tourism has been a passion of mine for a few years now and discovering new incredible locations has turned into a beloved hobby. A trip to Jamaica was one of my lifelong dreams and finally, I had the time and opportunity to explore this tropical paradise. To tell the truth, it was even better than I expected, and I think that finding Camp Cabarita, the best of all the places to stay in Jamaica was the key to success.

I spent my Jamaican adventure exploring all the attractions I could reach, and with my ‘headquarters’ being located in Camp Cabarita, I could reach a great number of the island’s natural attractions. The highlight of the trip definitely was a visit to Ginger Works Cave. If you ever travel to Jamaica, this is a ‘must see’ place. This cave is absolutely magnificent!

I want to thank our amazing guides, and the Camp Cabarita staff in general, because all of them are amazing. Never have I encountered such friendly and caring people in my travels. Personally, I think that it’s their efforts that make this particular camp the best resort in Jamaica.

As for why Ginger Works Cave adventure is the most amazing of all the eco tours in Jamaica, just imagine that you spend over an hour walking down the roads through the beautiful countryside and lush Jamaican forests, seeing some of the most scenic views on the planet. Eventually, the road takes you to a mountain and you climb to up its slope to see even more incredible natural sights. Don’t worry if your stamina isn’t particularly high as the climb is easy and there are even some stone steps to help you along the way.

Then, you reach the ‘Ginger Werks Jah Creation Cave’…and no words can describe the overwhelming burst of emotion you will experience when looking into its cavernous depths for the first time. Exploring it is like being a child again. Everything around you seems fascinating and magical. This tour definitely is one of the best attractions for ecotourism Jamaica has to offer.

I would have never known of this amazing location if not for the guys in Camp Cabarita, which is another reason why I think this is the best place to stay in Jamaica. On the other hand, I’m glad they keep quiet about this place as it’s not flooded with tourists and you can enjoy exploring it at your leisure.

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