Camp Cabarita

Cabarita River


10 Great things about the river frontage Camp Cabarita.

1. It’s the perfect place to hang out (Private, Pristine & Beautiful)
2. River Trekking is fun
3. There’s an awesome rock bar that is great for laying out
4. It’s perfect combination of a 7 foot deep swimming hole to swim AND
5. There’s shallow water to wade in
6. It’s cool and refreshing all day long
7. The river is really calm and peaceful at night
8. It’s really close! Only a 2 minute walk
9. It’s crystal clear pure spring water
10. The area is surrounded by trees and lush greenery

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The River Frontage Provides Hours of Relaxation

Cabarita River Frontage: What you need to know

Why to go? Fantastic swimming and wading

What to wear? swimsuit and watershoes

What to see? pure water, hidden glens

What to expect? a 7 ft deep turquoise blue swimming hole and rock bar to sun yourself

What to bring?camera, towel and beachmat (provided)

How long does it take? 10 minutes to all day

How to schedule?

How to get there?
2 minute walk from your room

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