Camp Cabarita

Bamboo Bonfires

Bamboo Camp Fire
The popping sparks of a bamboo fire are a sight to see. Camp fires and nature go hand in hand is almost every culture and Jamaica is no different. Dried bamboo will be gathered from the property, you welcome to pitch in gathering it if you like or simple watch as Camp Cabarita staff expertly cuts 70 foot pieces of bamboo with the tool of choice – a machete of course ! An added benefit on clear nights are the amazingly bright stars. Camp Cabarita is about 2000 ft above sea level making star gazing the perfect addition to an evening fire. Have a seat in one of our Adirondack style chairs and enjoy a hot herbal tea or local rum mixer.

Cave Eco Adventure: What you need to know

Why to go? Amazing eco adventure

What to wear? Shorts, shades, & trail shoes

What to see? mountain views, ancient forests & a majestic cave

What to expect? a 1 hour walk along a windy road & then a 45 minute climb to the cave mouth

What to bring?water, headlamp, camera

How long does it take? 3- 4 hours

How to schedule?
Ask Buddy

How to get there?
One or more experienced guides will take you

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