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Ackee and Saltfish in Jamaica

Ackee and Saltfish: Jamaican National Dish & Jamaican Breakfast Ackee and Saltfish is known island wide as both Jamaica’s National Dish and as Jamaican Breakfast. Ironically neither of the major ingredients come from Jamaica. As an eco lodge and eco resort, it’s our duty to educate guests and travelers about Jamaican culture[…]

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The Best Jamaican Jerk Article

The Best Article Jamaican Jerk Article   Jamaica is a popular destination for eco tourism. The island’s vast, unadulterated natural beauty, and perfect climate have helped make Jamaica one of the top vacation destinations in the world. Most eco travelers wouldn’t consider their holiday complete without learning about Jamaican culture[…]

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Agricultural Ecotour in Jamaica: Where Hospitality Meets Sustainability

Of the many places to stay in Jamaica, many are indeed gorgeous resorts. But as we become more aware of the ecological footprint we leave on the world for future generations, the appeal of conventional resorts—and conventional tourism—is waning. Ecotourism in Jamaica lets nature stay natural. It doesn’t require destroying[…]

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Wild Culinary Herbs & Seasonings in Jamaica

The Jamaican countryside is loaded with diverse flora, much of it is edible and many more medicinal uses. The focus of this post on popular Wild Jamaican Plants both herbs and seasonings with culinary uses. All of the spices and seasonings mentioned grown around Camp Cabarita and in Westmoreland. Tumeric[…]

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Jamaican Breakfast at Camp Cabarita

Camp Cabarita is known for it’s awesome home cooked meals from fresh seasonal ingredients, many of which are grown right on site. A traditional Jamaican breakfast also the National Dish which is “Ackee and Saltfish” along with steamed calaloo. A typical breakfast includes: Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice Gleen Plantain Porridge[…]

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Jamaican Ganja Butter Recipe

UPDATE: The original recipe we posted below for cannabutter or ganja butter has been independently verified by High Times as being the most potent method. As originally reported by in May of 2015, all factors being equal butter absorbs more THC than popular alternatives like coconut oil. New marijuana[…]

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