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Best Way to Spend a Day in Negril by Camp Cabarita Eco Resort

Best Way to Spend a Day in Negril

Negril is a perfectly great place to stay for weeks, months or even the rest of your life! In this post we cover what we think is the best way to spend a day in Negril.

7 mile beach transitions abruptly to sea side cliffs which is known for amazing sunsets. Negril has developed quite a bit since it was discovered as a sleepy hippie hangout in the 1960’s. Today it remains an eclectic mix of hotels, inns, bars, restaurants and shops. Below is a insider’s take on the best way to spend a day in Negril:

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Best Way to Spend a Day in Negril: Breakfast

Best Way to Spend a Day in Negril


Chalera Inn

Excellent service, Great Coffee, Seasonal, Authentic & European Bakery

The Patio at Chalera combines a great location and ambiance with a solid breakfast service. The majority of diners are also European guests of the hotel. Enjoy a pot of Blue Mountain Coffee 30 paces from the Caribbean among flowering vines and palms.

Best Way to Spend a Day in Negril: Where to Hang Out

Best Way to Spend a Day in Negril


Sun Beach Bar

great location, service, food, drink . . . perfect spot to stroll the beach

Service and location make Sun Beach Bar an awesome choice for enjoyed a day at the beach. The clientele is independent travelers many of whom have been traveling to Negril for many years. The staff is happy to arrange lounge chairs for patrons. Be sure to check out the full bar and super comfortable swing chairs. Make Sun Bear Bar “home base” for your day at the beach.

Explore 7 Mile Beach

Best Way to Spend a Day in Negril

At your leisure

The staff at Sun Beach will stow any of your personal items behind the bar. Walk in the surf while scanning the beachscape for anything of interest, Mason’s wood craving west of Charlera are worth a look. Seasonal fruits, aloe rubs and cold red stripes available.

Daytime Negril Destinations

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Rent Paddle Boards

12:00 – 1:00

Negril Treehouse

awesome way to enjoy the Caribbeans and see 7 mile beach

25 USD/hour

Snorkel on the Reef

1:30pm – 3:00pm

Captain Kirk who’s glass bottom boat is in front of sun beach

20 USD/ person

For great snorkeling without the boat ride head to Xtabi Resort on the cliffs

Sunset / Cliff Jumping on the cliffs

4:00 pm

Rick’s Cafe or LTU

10 minute cab

The 7 mile beach transitions gradually to cliffs of 40 or more feet past The Round About. Catch a taxi to Rick’s Bar for the spectacle, cliff diving and revelry. Rick’s is a massive and popular sea side bar that offers patrons and professionals the chance to jump from various heights and swim in the Caribbean Surf. If your looking for more of a relaxed atowant a more laid back table on the cliff check out LTU Pub.


Best Dinner in Negril

6:30 – 8:00 pm

Murphy’s West End

10 minute cab

Murphy’s is consistently reviewed as 1 best restaurant in Negril to many savvy repeat traveler. The food is authentic and traditional with a creative but substantive flair. Insider tip: Ask for the chef’s recommendation or any specials based on seasonality and availability.

Negril Night Life & Music


4:00 pm

Date Dependent

10 minute cab

Insider’s Tip: Read roadside signs, Talk with Locals, Alfred’s, Jungle consider a community event with a sound system. Popular community events include sound system parties, birthdays, cricket or soccer (football in Patios). You can learn more about Jamaican Community Events on an earlier blog post.

West End Recommendations

The Best Way: 1 day in Negril

Camp Cabarita’s mountain, fresh water retreat make’s Negril feel like a lot of hustle and bustle, but a beach day is a perfect way to get the salt water fix that many eco travelers desire. Camp guested usually take a guided day tour of Negril. If you are arriving to or leaving Negril from another location you will want to familiarize yourself with the landmarks below. The “Round About” or traffic circle is the end of the 7 mile beach and beginning of the West End cliffs.

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