Camp Cabarita


camp cabarita eco lodge furniture

We’ve been busy at Camp Cabarita designing, renovating, and refurnishing our lodge, lounge, and bar.

Our old built-in bamboo and timber furniture was built back when the lodge had dirt floors and a tarp roof.  To catch up with the many other updates and renovations we’ve made since the beginning years, we’ve removed the old bamboo seating to make way for new furniture and a new seating plan—all carefully designed and hand-made to create a comfortable dining, lounging, and bar experience.


Our guest often request breakfast and be served at the bar and prior to it’s reconstruction it was a little to narrow for the complete comfort it now offers. Whether it’s a traditional Jamaican breakfast and hand made cup of Blue Mountain coffee, a mid day cold pressed juice, or a local rum you’re sure to find the new bar very accommodating.

The new bar stools were designed and made in Orange Hill by a local metal worker artisan. With a unique feature of rasta colors for the seats, the bar has a great vibe and look with these custom stools. These free standing seats are portable and therefore can help the lodge accommodate a variety of uses including yoga, fitness, and other workshops.
Our new viking dining table promotes intimate and family style meals. David Kaiser of Link Builds has designed new furniture and a seating plan for the layout of the lodge which remains integral to the cozy feel true to Camp Cabarita Eco Lodge’s roots but also make the dining area more communal and functional. The table comfortable seats 12 people.


The lounge at Camp Cabarita lounge recently also recently received an upgrade. Built in seating was removed to make way for 3 hammocks and several Adirondack style chairs. The Eno and mesh hammocks built for 2 and a great way to beat the heat of the day or chill listening to the sounds of the forest in the evening. The parachute nylon fabric is breathable and comfortable

The Panarama Deck is the 2nd level covered deck of the Camp Cabarita lodge. It’s the  perfect spot for morning yoga and a cup of coffee.  Guests enjoy the privacy and views of this flexible space any time of day.


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