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Jamaica Cave Eco Tour

Ginger Works a Jamaica Cave Eco Tour

If a Jamaica Cave Eco Tour sounds like fun you’re in luck! Camp Cabarita Eco Resort includes this amazing eco adventure in stays for all of our guests.

About Ginger Works Cave Tour

Jamaica Cave Eco Tour
Stay Include  Eco Tours Accessible on Foot

Hike to a mountain top cave called by locals ‘Ginger Werks Jah Creation Cave’. About a 3 hour adventure in all, 1/2 of which is a lazy winding walk along hilly country roads and the other 1/2 is ascending and descending a local mountain with a scrambling style climb to the cavernous Ginger Werks Jah Creation Cave.

Care has been taken to build rock steps to cave mouth, which opens to a large cavern that can be further descended into.

This cave is really beautiful and something few tourists get to see.  Including experience like this is part of what makes Camp Cabarita the best place to stay in Jamaica.

More About Cave Eco Tour

The eco adventure to Ginger Works cave is an amazing opportunity to explore lush ancients forest, hike the side of a mountain, and then descend into an massive cave that is several caverns deep.

The hike to and from Ginger Works Cave is through Flower Hill and Glenbrook Jamaica.
Jamaica’s karst limestone landscape and volcanic geologic past are the perfect conditions for cave formation and the Ginger Works Cave Eco Tour is a opportunity to one of the many incredible caves on the island.

Cave Eco Adventure:
What you need to know

Why to go?
Amazing eco adventure

What to wear?
Shorts, shades, & trail shoes

What to see?
mountain views, ancient forests & a majestic cave

What to expect?
a 1 hour walk along a windy road & then a 45 minute climb to the cave mouth

What to bring?
water, headlamp, camera

How long does it take?
3- 4 hours

How to schedule?
Ask Staff

How to get there?
guides will take you

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