Camp Cabarita

Eco Hiking

Eco Adventures in Jamaica – Vigorous Hikes to Amazing Places

Eco tours allow guests to admire and experience the environment in its natural splendor without disturbing it, and the best eco tours in Jamaica start at Camp Cabarita.

Camp Cabarita’s eco hikes provide a great opportunity to see what the Jamaican countryside has to offer. Journey through the mountainous region along the border between Hanover Parish and Westmoreland Parish. Experience the area’s enormous biodiversity up close as they navigate through layers of pools, glens, and falls, all while surrounded by the timeless beauty of the ancient tropical forest. Mountain bluffs along the way offer spectacular views of valleys glowing with dew.

Enjoy much of the trek accompanied by the sound of rushing and falling water from numerous springs and bubbling pools. Take occasional dips in pure freshwater springs, and find your inner child while jumping from trees and river banks.

During the journey, you can see the many rare tropical hardwoods and endemic plant species that grow throughout the region. Globally, some of the most sought after are wild culinary and medicinal botanicals such as wild turmeric, ginger, and hibiscus. Dozens of lesser-known adaptogenic plants—considered to help the body adapt to stress and exert a normalizing effect on bodily processes—are famous locally for their curative properties. Bamboo,introduced in the 18th century for its many agricultural uses and benefits, is also prolific.

Our experienced local guides help ensure that each adventure is safe, educational, and fun. Along the way, you can learn about the history and traditional uses of the various plant species. Your guide will collect herbs from the bounty of the land to prepare an herbal tea upon return to camp. Any wild ginger collected along the way can be grated, juiced and turned into a refreshing gingerade.

The 45-minute to 2-hour trail hike, swimming, and climbing a series of freshwater springs and pools can be customized to your energy and ability. Dual bespoke walking poles, hand cut to perfection, make the adventure more manageable regardless of fitness level. We’ve had guests from four to 75 years old revel in the experience.

There are only a few things you shouldn’t forget before going on a hike: comfortable clothing, water, a camera, and a mind and body ready to be amazed. A swimsuit is a good idea too—after the exertion of a hike to some of Jamaica’s most stunning places, a cool swim in the river will be indescribably rejuvenating. In short, this eco hike to the mountain forest with all its beautiful freshwater springs and pools is an incredible, unforgettable experience. It may take a while and strain your body, but you’ll thank yourself for all the beauty you’ve seen. Choose Camp Cabarita for your stay in Jamaica, and rediscover what it’s like to sleep like a baby with a big smile on your face.


Eco Hike Eco Tour: What you need to know

Why to go? Learn about the local environment, identify local plants and tree and discuss their traditional culinary & medicinal purposes

What to wear? Shorts, shades, & trail shoes

What to see? mountain views, ancient forests, panoramic vistas

What to expect? a guided hike through the mountainous region along the Hanover Westmoreland Parrish Border

What to bring? drinking water, camera

How long does it take? 2 – 4 hours

How to schedule?
Ask Buddy

How to get there?
One or more experienced guides will take you

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