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Negril’s 7 Mile Beach

Negril’s 7 mile beach

Negril Beach Jamaica 7 Mile Beach
Negril’s 7 Mile Beach

The 7 Mile Beach is world famous for several reasons. As the name suggests it is huge (actually 7 miles) and combined with a local building ordinance that prevents buildings above the tallest tree on the property help create a very unique streetscape and skyline among popular beach travel destinations. The absence of high rise hotels gives way to an eclectic mix of inns, bars, restaurants, shops and music venues.



Beach Eco Adventure: What you need to know

Why to go? World Famous 7 mile beach

What to wear? Shorts, shades, & sandals

What to see? beach life Jamaican style

What to expect? long beach walks or just lounging in the sun

What to bring?sunscreen, towels, swimsuit & a change of clothes

How long does it take? 7 – 18 hours

How to schedule?
schedule 1 day in advance with lodge staff

How to get there?
a chartered vehicle & guide

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